Monday, April 21, 2008

Glen Phillips vs. Marvin Gaye - Healing Spirit

For me, Marvin Gaye has/had the greatest sounding voice in pop history. It's something I can say comfortably as a heterosexual male, and not have to feel awkward about. The guy just had a voice that how could any male pop singer not want to sound like? I could imagine a more tranquil world of phone customer service with less irate customers if Marvin's voice replaced all the automated voices, but I digress . . .

I always thought Marvin's "Sexual Healing" had only one negative, being released in the now dated 80's sound. "Let's Get it On" sounds more timely from a musical perspective even though it came out earlier. This mashup takes Glen's voice out of the mix in his track "The Spirit of Shackleton" and gives Marvin a chance to move "Sexual Healing" out of the 80's.

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