Monday, July 14, 2008

John Mayer vs. Curtis Mayfield (The Impressions) - People Get Ready for the World to Change

I've looked online to see if this has already been done before, and wasn't able to find a previous mashup. I suppose it's not exactly an exercise in contrasts seeing that Mayer's Waiting on the World to Change has the same chord progression as the classic People Get Ready (one of my all time favorite songs). The songs even have the same message -- well sorta-kinda, for the most part. I suppose one song advocates "waiting", while the other song to "get on board". I guess different times call for different measures.

***Well I knew I had to be wrong. One of the monsters of the mashup world Voicedude let me know of a version he had done in March of last year. Here's his awesome take called Waiting for People to Get Ready. Voicedude was gracious enough to compliment me on my effort, and coming from him it does make my day.


Anonymous said...

BOTH versions are fine, although I do think I prefer the 2nd version.

An obvious pairing, so it's only natural that more than one would've caught it!

Thanx for the gracious comments!

- Voicedude

Chris Stewart said...

Just stumbled across your site from Google.

This Mayer & Mayfield combination is an excellent spot! In a way, I enjoy the combined version as much as the originals. Ummm maybe not, it is a different feeling really. It sorta cool to see that type of message transcend generations.

Thanks for posting.

Brandon said...

Where can I get a copy? I love this!!

colorebel said...

Thanks Brandon. Divshare doesn't appear to allow downloads, I'll email it directly to you.