Saturday, July 5, 2008

Glen Phillips vs. Joe Pesci vs. Mary Jane Girls - Drive By My House Wise Guy

This started out as an attempt to utilize an acapella of the Glen Phillips song Drive By which was extracted and made available by Gavin (The Reborn Identity). The goal was to use an instrumental that would make for a clever title. Drive By My House came to mind and luckily an instrumental of Mary Jane Girls', In My House wasn't hard to find.

In starting to work on the mashup, I recalled the chorus of Joe Pesci's song (yes he put out an album) Wise Guy, "louvely dey in the neighburhud fer a drive by", and thought why not? I was surprised with how overlaying together the instrumentals to In My House and Wise Guy (really Blondie's Rapture) seemed to work.

So now the title had to be slightly expanded.

Many thanks to Gavin for the acapella and just all the help and support in general that he's given me in the mashup and mixing world. There are two versions, the first is an edited "for airplay version", the second is the longer full version.

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Gavin said...

Brilliant stuff, Colorebel. And what a fantastic piece of artwork you've put together for it too. Outstanding!