Saturday, July 26, 2008

Katy Perry vs. Beach Boys vs. Michael McDonald - I Kissed a Sweet California Girl

I don't really care for Katy Perry's music, at least what I've heard thus far. I like her voice, but then it's the being-from-California-but-singing-like-you're-British-thing; I don't like it and I don't get it. (I suppose Amy Winehouse does the same thing in reverse?) I didn't get that with Green Day back in 1992 and just assumed they'd disappear from music partly due to that. Guess I was wrong then, maybe I am wrong now.


DJ Useo said...

I like it a lot apart from the chorus.
Thanks for the chance to listen.

colorebel said...

dj useo, thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about the chorus -- admittedly to me it's not perfect. I've played with the pitch to the point that I've sorta given up. I have a feeling that the harmony on the acapella will clash with the instrumental no matter what I do. I'll hope to revisit this one perhaps as I learn more.